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A local animal rescue sponsors a Dirty Dog run each year where you can run with your dogs on the trails.  Last year I ran with Laser and the oaf dragged me over hill and dale for the entire 5k.  Normally, he poops out and I’m dragging him after the first mile or so.  Turns out he’s not lazy, he’s just bored and it was exciting to run through the woods chasing other runners and dogs.

They encourage costumes, so this year we’re going to try running Sophie and dress her up as a princess to go along with a pea costume I made years ago for a different race where I was the princess:

Princess and the Pea

So here’s how I made Sophie’s princess hat – keep in mind I’m making this for a dog, so I’m not all concerned about finished edges and durability.  This was also a stashbuster project – yay!

I started by measuring Sophie’s head to get the circumference of my hat – 16″ worked fine.  I arbitrarily decided I wanted the cone to be about 8″ tall.  Then I tried to find something round that had a 16″ diameter to use as a pattern.  My chip and dip tray came close, so I used that for starters.  I traced right onto heavyweight fusible interfacing:

Who needs a compass?

I broadened the circle to get my desired size, then I measured the edge of my semi-circle until I got to my 16″ + 1″ and drew a line to the center of the circle:

Rough pattern

Then I cut the shape plus some extra out of my fabric – a bunch of taffetta I had left over from a purse project several years ago:

Press to fuse, and then I turned the bottom edge up and stitched with about ¼” seam allowance.  I didn’t bother to pin or anything since it didn’t need to be perfect:

Turn and sew

For a little whimsy and because I wanted to play with Jane (my new sewing machine), I added a decorative stitch:

Decorative stitch by Jane

Then I added a bunch of ribbons into the top and stitched the back closed with right sides together, keeping the ribbons inside the hat:

Check the fit on Sophie and add some elastic to keep it put:

Princess Sophie

This took less than 20 minutes during naptime – pretty slick I think!  Any suggestions on what to do with another yard or so of the taffetta?



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