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Garbage Picking, Dumpster Diving, D-Mart, Skip-raiding, Trashing, Curbside Salvage…

Whatever you call it, I just did it!  Thanks to your brave confessions I just mustered the courage to pull my car into some stranger’s driveway, inspect a find and then load it into my car.  I feel a little bit of a shopper’s high, but without the guilty post-purchase letdown!  I can’t wait to show my hubby what I found for FREE!  I cannot believe someone would throw away something in such good shape, and solid wood construction.  It doesn’t even need much repair. 

If I can ever get the #$^%^* chairs I got from ReStore done (don’t get me started on trunkated nap times and hubby with “pirorities”) I’m going to give my little curbside gem a new life.



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