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While this is not technically children’s clothing, I needed to make this for a baby shower gift this Sunday.  It will cover a baby, so maybe it counts?  Well, Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge or not, here it is:

Nursing cover

Since I followed the tutorial over at Sew Much Ado almost to the letter, I won’t get into the nitty gritty.  I did make a couple of minor changes:
I added a pocket/burp cloth corner out of terry cloth.  My SIL gave me a Hooter Hider when I was pregnant with Arden and it had this feature which came in handy a few times.  This is an 8 ½” square folded over diagonally with wrong sides together and tucked into the bottom right seams before sewing.

Terry cloth pocket

I also cheated on the hems a little and pressed all the raw edges in as described in the tutorial and then just sewed two seams about 1/8″ from the edges.

Shortcut hems

I did use the home decor fabric as recommended, but I’m still not sure if I like that better than regular weight/quilters cotton.  I’m worried that it will get stuffy under there for baby, and I actually liked the lightweight version I have because I felt it was very versatile – I used it as a stroller cover or even a little tent for sleeping baby on several occasions.  The heavier weight would be good if you’re using light-colored fabrics and want to ensure opacity.

The tutorial by Sew Much Ado was very easy to follow.  The only additional instruction I would add is that using a zipper foot while sewing the seams around the boning proved to be very helpful in allowing me to get an even seam close to the boning.

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