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I’m trying to get things figured out early enough to make Arden’s Halloween costume this year.  In the running are:

Flower Garden Gnome

Maybe it’s because the model looks a little like Arden, but I can so totally see this!  Plus, she could probably wear the skirt and shirt after halloween if I remove the suspenders.  Plus, it would give me an excuse to try out the embroidery feature on my new sewing machine!  I think it would be a pretty unique costume.


With how much she loves her play kitchen and giving everyone “tastes” of her pretend concoctions, this would be cute and she could use the costume for dress up after Halloween.

1950's Sock Hop

This would be fun to do and again it would give me an excuse to try the embroidery feature on my new sewing machine.  I have sort of saddle shoes already for Arden, so I could just make the outfit.  I’m picturing twin set and a scarf tied around her neck along with the poodle skirt.

Votes?  I’d love some input.



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