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Cuorduroy season is apon us!  I found a cute apple print cuorduroy and then I found this really cute pattern for a jumper. 

Have I said how much I love my new sewing machine?  It sews on buttons!  Not that they’re that difficult, but seriously?  It sews on buttons!

New Look 6926

The pattern for the view I sewed called for little tabs.  I made them, but they looked very home-sewn, so I decided to just sew the buttons straight onto the jumper.  Much better.

Finished jumper

Finished jumper

Closeup of button detail

Arden was not really in the mood to model:

Uncooperative model

No more pictures, please!

I’ll have her wear this over a long-sleeve tee and some textured tights.  Super-easy and cute!  This took me one evening and one nap time to sew.

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