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Borrowed from Kojo Designs who borrowed from luvinthemommyhood.

Making:  Play fridge to go with Arden’s garage sale play kitchen.
Cooking:  Trying to find new and interesting vegetarian and kid-friendly meals.
Drinking:  Starbucks Via iced coffee.
Reading:  Stieg Larssons The Girl Who Played With Fire.
Wanting:  More time to spend with my daughter.  I’m pursuing a less-than-full-time position, but it’s not looking too promising.  Next step – leave of absence?  I’m so torn.
Looking:  At all the fabulousness out there in blog land.  I have more inspiration than I have time or talent!
Playing:  Play kitchen with Arden.  She whips up some fabulous pretend food for all of us to try! 
Wasting:  A whole zucchini in the fridge is a bit on the shriveled side.
Sewing:  Fall fashions for Arden.  It’s cuorduroy season here in Michigan.
Wishing:  That I could win the lottery (suppose it helps to play!), so I can quit working and become a SAHM without worrying about household budget, etc.
Enjoying:  The lovely fall weather.
Waiting:  For our mini-vacay to Chicago.  I found a kid-friendly B&B near our friend Kevin.  I love Chi-town in the fall!
Liking:  How well the dogs are doing with Arden.  150 pounds of black lab and rarely an incident. 
Wondering:  What the right decision is – keep working or stay home?  I’m so not in love with my job, which just makes things worse.
Hoping:  To get pregnant with Thing 2. 
Marvelling:  At how quickly Arden changes!
Needing:  A date night with my husband.  We just don’t make plans to do it.  It doesn’t help that any babysitter we get needs to be comfortable with two giant dogs.  What’s worked best so far is Elaine from our doggy daycare.  We already knew she could handle the dogs, and Arden liked her too!
Smelling:  Vicks Vapor Rub.  Arden has a cold.
Wearing:  Denim slacks and a button down over a cami.  I live in these slacks.  I can’t stand most of my other pants post-baby.
Following:  Several blogs.  One just seems to lead to another.  You are all so creative!
Noticing:  That I eat so much better when I’m at home.  Eating like a toddler has it’s upside – I always make sure she has her fruits and veggies, where I just don’t do it on my own.  I used to be so good, but now I just can’t get it going.
Knowing:  That I need to get priorities figured out.  While I like to think I can be a mom/wife/career woman/runner/crafter/blogger/etc./etc/, something ends up falling by the wayside.
Thinking:  That I need to schedule tree removal so we can let the contractor get going on our garage build.
Bookmarking:  Tons of blogs.
Opening:  A Fresca.  Love it! 
Giggling:  At Arden spinning Poe the cat on the office chair.  Hilarious!
Feeling:  Sad that my Grandpa Van Meter is gone.  I wish I had talked with him more the last time we visited.

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