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My business cards bookmarks have arrived for my Etsy shop – JennuineDesign!

Thanks so much to Matthew for printing them up for me.  My sister-in-law Jean and her husband are entrepenuers and have two businesses – Wiggity Bang Games and Promo Deli.  Wiggity Bang Games are the creators of Quelf (SO much fun – you HAVE to try it!), Flapdoodle, Quao, and Whizizzle.  Promo Deli is an online store for promotional products.  You name it, they’ve got it. 

I had them printed up as bookmarks in the hopes that they won’t be trashed/recycled the minute the package is opened.  Do you think this will work? 

So… now I suppose I have to actually have products to sell in my shop.  Time to get right on that!



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