Framing is all finished and the cement has been poured.  We were home during the pour on one of my LTFT days and Arden was fascinated.  We watched until one of the guys’ pants went waaaaay beyond plumber’s crack.  I have to say in my experience, that plumber’s crack is an entirely earned title.  Along with brickeys and siding guys…  One of life’s lessons learned as the daughter of a home builder.  I should point out that my Dad never suffered from this problem.  High-waisted underwear and a belt were his solutions!

Dave was surprised that I didn’t take Arden to put handprints in the cement, but they guys were working it until it was cured enough to walk on.  I know that my Dad spent enough time trying to keep people from writing in wet cement to have tried it.  Dad would suggest to homeowners that they find a penny with the year on it and put it in a corner of the cement.

The siding should be in next week and the garage door sometime the following week.  We have the same electricians who re-wired our house last year lined up.  They left some tails of wire when they did the re-wire with the planned garage reconstruction in mind.