It’s a Blog Party did a blog spotlight of A Jennuine Life:

Blog Party Spotlight!~A Jennuine Life

Daylight Savings Time, ugh!!! I hate changing our clocks, it is the final sign that winter is coming. It almost always follows the leaves changing colors and the first frost. And yes we have had these occur already here in Northwest Indiana. It also means less time to spend outside in the daylight accomplishing honey-do chores, however it gives me more time to spend finding new blogs to enjoy.

While doing just that I was looking at some of the articles shared last week and settled in with a hot mug of coffee and started to explore some new blogs.

I was really struck by the simple pleasure that I found while surfing around todays’ Blog Party Spotlight.

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Jenn over here at A Jennuine Life (nice play on words) shares some cooking, decorating, sewing and repurposing ideas. She also shares with her readers her life with her family which includes alot of her daughter Arden, very cute. When you have a chance grab yourself your own drink (coffee, tea …) and spend some time with Jenn and her family.

I subscribe to It’s a Blog Party on Google Reader, and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw my blog title pop up!  To say I’m humbled and excited is an absolute understatement!  I’ve been doing this for a few months now, and it’s so motivating being part of this great community!