As the days get shorter, leaves fill the yard signalling that autumn has arrived in full force.  There is also the scent of the nearby sugar plant in the air – it used to stink to high heaven, but now it smells like peanut brittle to me.  All these things combine to make my fingers start itchin’ for some knittin’!

Some wool cashmere blend, a little bamboo, and a little organic cotton have been waiting ever so patiently to become an adorable little hat.

It’s the “upside-down daisy” from a wonderful book I’ve been planning to knit my way through.  Everything in it is sooooo stinkin’ cute!

It’s itty-bitty hats by Susan B. Anderson and I picked it up at a fabulous yarn store on a family trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon last fall.  Love it!  I’m not the world’s fastest knitter, so this is a bit of a tease since it might be a while before I actually have a hat to show off, but it looks like it should knit up quick.