My good friend Kim was lamenting about how she wasn’t able to find a cow costume for her two year old son Victor Marcus  that she liked that wasn’t insanely expensive.  Since I didn’t have anything at all to keep me busy every evening for the next couple of weeks (ha!), I volunteered to make him a costume.  I couldn’t find a pattern for a cow, so I improvised and got one with a devil.  I also couldn’t find cow print fabric in anything besides novelty cotton, so I bought black and white fleece and am adding applique’d spots.  Devil horns look remarkably similar to cow horns, don’t you agree?  I just free-styled the ears, and I like how they turned out.  Arden volunteered to model VM’s costume:

This is also my first post with a collage – do you like it?  I think it’s pretty dandy if I do say so myself.  Totally worth upgrading on Picnik!  I still have a few embellishments to add – hooves and udders.  We got into a long text conversation between Kim, her husband Victor, my husband Dave, and me about cows and horns and udders.  Victor said that boy cows have horns and girl cows have udders and only tranny cows have both.  After I stopped laughing, I responded that most cattle of either sex have horns, so cows usually do have horns and udders, while bulls have only horns.  We all agreed that I would add the udders and they could feel free to remove them if they didn’t like them or thought they looked obscene.  So, I guess I’m off to make me some udders!

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