Here’s a peek at a future project – four dining chairs I found at the ReStore.  Arden has a thing for chairs, so she joined the photo shoot:

We have Dave’s Great-grandparents’ table and chairs from their Oregon homestead that are just for show.  We rarely sit on them, and hold our breath when we do.  They’re over 100 years old and have smoke and fire damage from vandals.   These chairs are pretty sturdy, though at least one of them will need a new piece of plywood for the seat.  They’ve had a really sloppy refinish at some point, but I think they’ll look great with some paint and glaze.  I’m pondering a nice grass green.  I like the robin’s egg blue that’s really popular, but it wouldn’t really go with the rest of our decor.  If the chairs turn out nice, I might try painting the table legs to match, and then refinish the top.  I want to have these done in time for Thanksgiving when my parents will be visiting so we can have dinner and not fear falling into a heap during dessert!