This still took longer than 90 minutes the second time around, but it definitely went together a whole lot faster without having to run to the computer in our office before every step.  Nevertheless, this met the hour-a-day challenge for days six and seven. 

90 Minute Shirt v2.0


This was made using a clearance rack Old Navy shirt of mine with an insanely wide rounded neckline that just never worked quite right.  I loved the wide band on the bottom.  This didn’t have the extra-stretchy issues as my first shirt.  I used contrasting off-white thread instead of matching the grey from the shirt.  (Design feature or that I didn’t have any grey thread?  You decide.)  

Trying on for fit

Again, Arden wouldn’t hold still to get a good picture, but she was at least in one place for a moment after climbing up on a kitchen chair.