I can’t take any credit for this one since my Mom made it years ago and gave it to me when they moved to Florida full-time.  I get it out every year, and I think it’s great!

Halloween Doormat

You’ll need a doormat with a prominent grid pattern.  The design could be borrowed from a simple cross stitch pattern, or you could make your own using graph paper.  This was made using 1″ strips of fabric.  Just snip the intervals with scissors and tear – the edges are supposed to be ragged.  Using a large tapestry or yarn needle, or just poking the fabric through with a chopstick, work the pattern like a cross stitch – working a row from the bottom left hole to the top right and then returning from the bottom right to the top left.

Stitch detail

The only catch is that I tried searching online for this type of doormat, and I’m not seeing it.  So, if you have one or stumble across one, here’s an idea for what to do with it.  I also have one for Christmas with “Noel” on it.

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