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I think this is one of those projects that I liked better in theory than I am in practice.  It’s just not getting the wow factor I was looking for – I think it needs more dimension, or some jute or ribbon to give it more texture.  Anyways, here’s what I did:

I Mod Podge’d holiday scrapbook paper to a bunch of mini-clothespins, and lightly sanded the edges.  Then I strung up some 18-gauge wire to the garland hooks over our mantle.  Then I just attached the cards and announcements we’ve received so far this season (plus the Christmas cards I made with my Mom), using the embellished clothespins.  Instant card garland!

What do you think – needs something more?

The best laid plans must at times be put aside, and then somehow, everything works out anyways!  Arden was sent home yesterday from daycare, vomiting with a stomach virus that had been going around.  She threw up every hour or so until 10:30 at night, and then slept relatively peacefully.  I had high hopes that she’d be able to go into daycare in the late morning (12 hours after last vomit), and then she had diarrhea – thus resetting the 12-hour clock. 

Mom and Dad were planning on coming over to go grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving meal anyways, so we just planned that Dad would wheel Arden around while Mom and I shopped.  She was in a remarkably good mood, and no more loose poops.  She fell asleep on my Dad for a bit, ate lunch, and then took a three-hour nap while Mom and I baked and prepped to our heart’s content.  The blue mask is because he’s allergic to the dogs, cats, and the air in general of our 90+ year-old home.

After she woke, we went to a local nursery to look at all their beautiful Christmas decorations and take pictures with Arden – a little tradition we began last year.  After Dave got home from work, Arden opened her present from Grandma & Grandpa – a Little People Farm that she LOVED!

Here’s what’s going to be on our Thanksgiving table tomorrow:

  • Turkey
  • Turkey gravy
  • Rolls
  • Pompano – Dave’s Thanksgiving fish
  • Praline sweet potatoes – recipe from Southern Living
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Stuffing (Stove Top – we’re so not purists around here!  It’s easier and we all like it pretty much as well as homemade.)
  • Broccoli cauliflower casserole
  • Pumpkin pie bars
  • Apple pie

What’s on your Thanksgiving table?

I sooooo want to win one of these Silhouette machines.  I love Shanty2Chic and she’s giving away a Silhouette!

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I gotta gotta gotta win one of these!  There’s just no way hubby will go for a serger AND a Silhouette, so winning’s my only option!

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I haven’t been posting lately because my parents are in town visiting and I’ve been busy spending time with them.  One of the activities my Mom and I did was to attend a Christmas Card Extravaganza at a local stamp and craft store.  We made 16 cards, and got caught up on the current cardmaking techniques.  I like to make cards, but I usually only did annual Christmas cards and I would buy just what I needed to complete my card.  We felt extremely “outclassed” by all the tote-wielding attendees who had enough gear to fill up the trunk of my Nissan Rogue – for stamping!  Anyways, we got to Cuttlebug, emboss, embellish and Stickle to our hearts content. 

Some of my favorites:

Mom and I have already agreed that we would send each other the snowflakes one so we would end up with one of our favorites if we send them all out.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Framing is all finished and the cement has been poured.  We were home during the pour on one of my LTFT days and Arden was fascinated.  We watched until one of the guys’ pants went waaaaay beyond plumber’s crack.  I have to say in my experience, that plumber’s crack is an entirely earned title.  Along with brickeys and siding guys…  One of life’s lessons learned as the daughter of a home builder.  I should point out that my Dad never suffered from this problem.  High-waisted underwear and a belt were his solutions!

Dave was surprised that I didn’t take Arden to put handprints in the cement, but they guys were working it until it was cured enough to walk on.  I know that my Dad spent enough time trying to keep people from writing in wet cement to have tried it.  Dad would suggest to homeowners that they find a penny with the year on it and put it in a corner of the cement.

The siding should be in next week and the garage door sometime the following week.  We have the same electricians who re-wired our house last year lined up.  They left some tails of wire when they did the re-wire with the planned garage reconstruction in mind.

It’s a Blog Party did a blog spotlight of A Jennuine Life:

Blog Party Spotlight!~A Jennuine Life

Daylight Savings Time, ugh!!! I hate changing our clocks, it is the final sign that winter is coming. It almost always follows the leaves changing colors and the first frost. And yes we have had these occur already here in Northwest Indiana. It also means less time to spend outside in the daylight accomplishing honey-do chores, however it gives me more time to spend finding new blogs to enjoy.

While doing just that I was looking at some of the articles shared last week and settled in with a hot mug of coffee and started to explore some new blogs.

I was really struck by the simple pleasure that I found while surfing around todays’ Blog Party Spotlight.

Click on picture to visit

Jenn over here at A Jennuine Life (nice play on words) shares some cooking, decorating, sewing and repurposing ideas. She also shares with her readers her life with her family which includes alot of her daughter Arden, very cute. When you have a chance grab yourself your own drink (coffee, tea …) and spend some time with Jenn and her family.

I subscribe to It’s a Blog Party on Google Reader, and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw my blog title pop up!  To say I’m humbled and excited is an absolute understatement!  I’ve been doing this for a few months now, and it’s so motivating being part of this great community!


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